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News > PMO Director: The Indian Contractor Initiates the Operation in Chabahar port within 2 weeks

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Signing of Chabahar Agreement Implementation Document (on 23rd October 2018)

PMO Director: The Indian Contractor Initiates the Operation in Chabahar port within 2 weeks

The managing director of the Ports and Maritime Organization announced the start of Indian operations in Chabahar port within the next two weeks.

During the first meeting on the International Transport and Transit Corridor Agreement Among the Governments of Iran, Afghanistan and India (also known as the Chabahar Agreement), Mohammad Rastad stated that in 2016, Chabahar agreement was signed by the authorities of the three countries of Iran, Afghanistan and India, and the agreement was approved by the parliament last year and was passed by August.

He also confirmed in the next two months, according to Article 10 of the Chabahar agreement, a committee will be formed where the three countries of India, Afghanistan and Iran play an significant role in implementing the Chabahar agreement.

Mohammad Rastad mentioned the Transit of 9 ships carrying wheat from India to Afghanistan through Chabahar port and stated that the Indian Contractor will initiate the Operation in Chabahar port within 2 weeks.

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development pointed out that the IPGL company future investments will increase the exchange of goods between the three countries and one of our major plans is to use the potential of the three countries to develop exports.

He concluded that given that the Indian side has complied with Chabahar agreement obligations, there is no problem for the Indian to start their operation in Chabahar port.

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