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News > The 10th Exhibition on Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities & The 5th Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization (22nd-25th Oct. 2018)

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Kishinvex 2018

The 10th Exhibition on Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities & The 5th Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization (22nd-25th Oct. 2018)

After gradual lifting of international sanctions against Iran, foreign countries and companies appear to be rushing to rekindle business with Iran, which is steadily getting used to being reintegrated into the world’s economy. After years of being cut off from global trade, the Iranian businesses and companies are now enjoying the prospects of global cooperation and have taken their first steps into doing business with international companies.

Many more steps are sure to follow. The country once again has access to funds previously frozen in foreign accounts and their eagerness to do international business is only outshined by its even higher future ambitions.

Compared to most oil-rich countries in the Middle East, Iran has a diversified economy and threats to its political stability are in decline.
Senior executives should not lose perspective on the enormous opportunities in Iran, since the country remains an important opportunity for multinationals in emerging markets.

Iranian leaders have reciprocated the interest in conducting business — in many areas including energy, hospitality & tourism, logistics & transportation, and financial advisory services — with other countries. Exhibitions and conferences are now playing a pivotal role in presenting investment opportunities in Iran as well as establishing new business between Iranian and international companies. Kish INVEX, powered by Baharan Tadbir Kish and supported by Iranian governmental institutions is one of the shining examples. The 2018 version of this annual investment event will take place from 22 – 25 October.

Kish INVEX mainly aims at introducing investment opportunities in Iran and provides the attendees with incredible networking opportunities not comparable to other similar events in Iran.
By attending Kish INVEX you will have the opportunity to get a better understating of the business environment in Iran and you can grant the advantage of meeting the highest-ranking Iranian officials and decision makers as well as the most successful private and public Iranian companies who will present and exhibit their capabilities during the days of the event.

In case your organization is interested in doing business with Iran (the last emerging economy in the world) and is active in one of these fields:

·Capital Market, Finance, Banking and Insurance

·Logistics and Transportation

·Construction and Infrastructure

·Hospitality and Tourism

·Energy (Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals)

·Trade-Industrial Free Zones


For more information on the activities of Kishinvex and for participation in the upcoming exhibition please visit the following website:





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