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News > Business Visa Notice

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Business Visa Notice

Business Visa Notice

Business Visa Notice

In order to facilitate and expedite the granting of the Business Visa for eligible companies and firms as well as businessmen & Businesswomen of the Republic of India wishing to visit Iran, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi provides further facilitations and assistances as follows:

1-    Big trade delegations as well as delegations headed by the high ranking officials from Indian trade and economic organizations will receive business visa at the earliest possible time (preferably within three working days).

2-    Companies that are the official members of the FICCI, CII, FIEO, ASSOCHAM, TPCI, PHD Chamber of India and EEPCIINDIA by carrying a covering Recommendation Letter from the above-mentioned trade organizations and entities will help the visa issuance procedure accordingly (preferably within three working days). It is worth mentioning that for every visit the Recommendation Letter is required unless the letter indicates that the applicant is a major trade partner (for Iranian companies) regularly visiting Iran, which may lead to the exemption of the repeated every-time letter.

3-    Companies carrying covering letter from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and other relevant Ministries of India will benefit from the above-mentioned visa issuance facilitations. (Official visas will be dealt with separately.)

4-    Those Indian companies that have Iranian trade partners, by carrying an official Invitation Letter from their relevant partners will expedite visa issuance procedure (preferably within 3 working days).

5-    Those companies, firms as well as businessmen and trade groups which are willing to visit Iran for the first time, can provide a covering letter including a brief introduction, enumeration of their fields of activities as well as their objectives from visiting Iran. This letter shall be taken into consideration accordingly.

6-    For companies, businesspersons and trade groups which regularly travel to Iran for commercial purposes, the multiple visa facilitations will be provided at the convenient time accordingly.


7-    For those companies intending to invest, establish a joint venture, open an office and branch in Iran, the multiple entry visa facilitations will be provided at the earliest possible time.

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