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News > Iran ready for cooperation with Europeans in counterterrorism

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Deputy FM in Indias Jaipour says

Iran ready for cooperation with Europeans in counterterrorism

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister reiterates Iran’s readiness for cooperation with Europeans in counterterrorism, if they are decisive against terrorism.

Ebrahim Rahimpour, in his speech at Counterterrorism Conference 2016 the Indian city of Jaipur said, today terrorist attacks are taking place everywhere from Jakarta, Paris, Beirut, New York, London, Madrid, Peshawar, Tunisia and San Bernardino and even to Burkina Faso, all being connected to each other. Among the perpetrators of terror acts now a large number of them are coming from Europe who have European accents and European origin and this is proof to the claim that today many parts of the world are facing this very serious threat, Rahipour stressed.

Reiterating Iran’s attempts against terrorism as one of the major victims of terrorism, Deputy Foreign Minister referred to President Rouhani’s WAVE initiative at the United Nation in 2013 and said “ The idea of ‘World Against Violence and Extremism’ was welcomed by all member states and a resolution under the same title was adopted unanimously”. President Rouahni also in his speech in 2015 UN General Assembly while emphasizing establishment of a united front against violent extremism, proposed adoption of a comprehensive plan of action for the same purpose, Iran’s Deputy FM added.

Criticizing “Islamic terrorism” as a fabricated expression, the Iranian senior official termed it as “unforgivable ploy” and said “Islam in its essence is opposed to any act of terror and Prophet of Islam was the prophet of mercy”. Islamic terrorism, therefore, is a wrongful expression that has been spread by the media empire, Iran’s Deputy FM Rahimpour stressed.

Mentioning Iran’s rising role in the world, Rahimpour then emphasized “Iran is a very important player in the region and for the same reason any success in the regional measures requires cooperation with Tehran”.

Counterterrorism Conference 2016 (CTC 2016) was held in India's Jaipur, Rajasthan, on February 2 for two days.  

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