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Response 2

Response to In Dinon and Hamara Samaj Urdu dailies

This is in reference to a report published in your esteemed newspaper (March 19, 2011) based on statements attributed to two officials of the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the names of Mehdi Safari and Mohammad Rezaei about Arabs. The report has merely given names and has not properly identified the officials. One person by the name of Mehdi Safari is a senior official of the foreign ministry and is the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China. Moreover, he has strongly denied the statements attributed to him. He has also stressed that he has not visited Europe for the last two years and has not given interview to any European newspaper. He has described the report of the Al- Arabia channel to be baseless and said this report has been published with the intention of harming the ties between the people of Arab and Iran at this sensitive juncture. Mohammad Rezaei is a popular and common name in Iran. There are many officials in the foreign ministry of Iran by this name, none of whom has spoken to any European newspaper.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran reiterates that the government and the people of Iran consider the Arab people as their honorable brothers. The policy of the people and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the cruel and the oppressor regime of Israel is known to all. Iran has always stressed over the unity of Muslims against Israel. Such baseless reports are being spread to harm this unity and tarnish the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranians. But the enemies of Islam and Muslims will never succeed in their nefarious designs. Inshallah


Ministry of foreign affairs,
Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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